3 Reasons Fiction Improves Our Lives

  1. Creativity

One of the most admirable qualities every child possesses is their imagination. As one grows older, they can achieve the legendary status of “young at heart” if their imagination and passion are kept a priority over time. When a film is watched or a book is read, we explore worlds beyond our own. This, in turn, affects the way we see the world from that point forward. Creativity creates fearlessness each time we have a better understanding of our thoughts and inner-self.

2. Aspirations and Possibilities

It’s no secret that characters have the ability to inspire us. After finishing Game of Thrones, a friend of mine decided that she would carry out her days like she was a character on the show. I was mildly concerned and entertained that she was having a reality crisis but she explained that how she viewed her actions would be the only thing that changed. Every time one of your favorite characters faces an obstacle you’re cheering them on because you know what they are capable of. What if we lived our lives as if we had that same audience? In a way we do, we just call it our conscience. After trying this experiment for a week my friend found that she was more connected to the person she could become. As silly as it sounds, you know deep down every time you disappoint your audience and when they leap off the couch cheering because that audience is the best version of yourself. I’ve always loved the phrase that character is what you do when no one else is watching. Characters in a story are the manifestation of that concept because we get to witness who they truly are and apply that possibility to our own lives.

3. Empathy

Fiction has the power to show us places we’ve never been and make us feel emotions towards people we’ve never met. In other words, fiction helps us realize that life isn’t about us. A story expands our focus and understanding outside of our immediate experience. It gives us empathy. The ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes is what gives us connection. It’s what makes life meaningful. So never let a day go by without getting lost in a story and you’ll see your empathy for others and your wonder for life increase every day.



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